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why should we

That is exactly what the fable of the flood is all about. Back in the day there was suffering in the world just as there is today (just not as populated) because of political corruption and corporate greed. And when God had enough (when the transgression had come to a full), all that supported that greed and corruption so they could have their part in the bounty http://lonecar144.blogspot.com/, all those that lie at the drop of a hat, all those that had their part in the oppression of the poor, all those that believed that one mans time was worth more than another’s, all those that thought they were above the law, were found guilty and died spiritually http://lonecar144thechip.blogspot.com/. Except the “eight souls” that were found righteous. Then through the desolation of wars there was hell on earth and mankind was punished according to the warnings of God.
 Yes hell is a condition not a place;
17 The wicked shall be turned into hell, and all the NATIONS that forget God. Psalms 9:17 (KJV).
 When someone lies or steals from another then the victim suffers and when you have 7 billion plus that will lie etc. etc. at the drop of a hat then the consequences you have is suffering all around. Suffering is a direct result of mans disobedience to God and lack of love for his neighbor.
And just as in the days of Noah, when least expected God will do something about the suffering in this world just as you and your ilk ask. And all those found guilty will suffer the wrath of God (hell on earth) and then total destruction, and at the same time the adoption will suffer the chastisement of God for their part in the oppression and will remember the suffering witnessed forever symbolised by smoke,
3...And her smoke rose up for ever and ever.
Rev 19:3 (KJV).
 And in the end it will be God doing the asking;
i.e. why did you believe the lies of the hypocrites and assume that there is no God just because the God they teach is evil. 14 For many are called, but few are chosen.
Matt 22:14 (KJV)
 Search out the truth for yourselves with earnest, if  you read the lords prayer you can see that it is a way of life and of action not lip service.
If you want to talk to God on a personal level go to your closet. If you want to be of service to someone in need then roll up your sleeves and jump in by what ever means given to you and bring in a little of the kingdom replylonecar144.blogspot.com.

 The life of the wicked is but a moment, and the life of the righteous is eternal.

a tale of two

God, to the Evangelist (Pharisee);
 “Why do you not steal?”
 “Because the Jesus tells me not to.”
 “The “tithe” and offering was abundant this week.”
Serpent, demon;
 “You need a private jet.”
Ego, self, conscience;
 “I will get me a private jet, that way people won’t bother me with questions about God while I travel.”
 “Now more people will see how well off I am and follow me and my god, greed.”

God, to the true adoption.
 “Why do you not steal?”
 “because Jesus teaches us that stealing promotes oppression, and suffering for all involved including the innocent.”
 “I need money for bus fare to get to my job interview, I know God will provide.”
 “There is $20 laying by the bus stop.”
Faith + works;
 “I will stay here with it until someone comes looking for it.”
(by-and-by the owner comes looking for it and faith gives it back to the one that lost it)
 “I was standing by and saw what you did and would like to offer you a job.”