Tuesday, August 23, 2016

a tale of two

God, to the Evangelist (Pharisee);
 “Why do you not steal?”
 “Because the Jesus tells me not to.”
 “The “tithe” and offering was abundant this week.”
Serpent, demon;
 “You need a private jet.”
Ego, self, conscience;
 “I will get me a private jet, that way people won’t bother me with questions about God while I travel.”
 “Now more people will see how well off I am and follow me and my god, greed.”

God, to the true adoption.
 “Why do you not steal?”
 “because Jesus teaches us that stealing promotes oppression, and suffering for all involved including the innocent.”
 “I need money for bus fare to get to my job interview, I know God will provide.”
 “There is $20 laying by the bus stop.”
Faith + works;
 “I will stay here with it until someone comes looking for it.”
(by-and-by the owner comes looking for it and faith gives it back to the one that lost it)
 “I was standing by and saw what you did and would like to offer you a job.”

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